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A First-Class Local Beer Rides the Rails.

Nick Ortloff

September 30, 2014



In a couple of weeks,

The Northland Beer Local-Motive will treat guests to a wonderful dinner along with locally made craft beer. For my first post, I will give a preview of the Blacklist Tripel, one of the featured beers for the Local-Motive event. What makes this beer so unique is that it's a Tripel which is made with Honey, Green Tea and Lemongrass.


The aroma produces a sweet honey scent accented with some lemon zest and sweet tea, all of which are encompassed by a Belgian yeastiness and toffee maltiness.


As for the flavor, has a strong taste of Belgian yeasts, green tea, sweet honey, and toffee malts with a dry floral, yet bitter hoppiness.

The body is a bit on the heavier side but the carbonation is on the lighter side so it's very easy to drink.


After having this, I'm excited to see what the guests at the Local-Motive will think of this beer. Blacklist is a brewery that loves to venture off the beaten path with their styles and I think this beer only exemplifies that. My only hope is that the people who try this out will enjoy this just as much as I do!

Northland Beer is excited to welcome Nick Ortloff as a major ongoing contributor to our little corner of the Web. Stay plugged in for more of Nick's reviews and other Northland Beer stories, features and events.


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