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Minnesota State Capital Yes. Craft Beer Capital No.

Lee Witte June 28, 2015


Craft Beer has made some impressive gains in St. Paul this last year as well across the state overall, but we contend that Duluth is still the Craft Beer Capital of Minnesota. Sorry St. Paul, your craft options have improved, but you’re still significantly in 3rd place. St. Paul has one craft brewery for every 26,806 residents. The Minneapolis craft beer culture has been rocking these last couple years and has an impressive and growing list of craft breweries, with one brewery for every 19,053 residents. At present they hold off St. Paul and remain solidly in second place.


In June of 2014 we researched Duluth Mayor Don Ness’ claim that Duluth is the State’s craft

Capital. Yes we live in Duluth, and yes we are proud of our reputation as a craft beer loving

community. However, the numbers do not lie. Duluth has one craft brewery for every

12,340 residents.


Some may argue that their city produces more barrels per year, and some may argue

they have the most breweries in the state, and as we point out here, Duluth has more

breweries per capita than any other major city in the state. There is more to it than one

single statistic. The Mayor of Duluth was the first to claim the title, in addition  our research

supports the fact that Duluth is the unequivical Minnesota beer powerhouse. As the he points

out, it’s also about more than barrels per year it’s a “craft ethic” that exisits up here. There is also

the fact that Duluth has access to the best brewing water in the world.


We get around quite a bit, making it to the Twin Cities 50 plus times per year. I usually take time out for at least one craft beer. Research is part of the job as you know. We spend almost as much time running about Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin as we do in the Twin Cities, so we have a solid grasp of the craft culture throughout the region. By the way, Madison WI has a great craft culture as does Minneapolis. It’s clear St. Paul gets it now and we are a happy to see them excited about their craft brewing, as we are about the entire craft beer movement. We are so lucky to live in Minnesota’s Craft Capital, Duluth, MN.

Keep up the great work Minnesota!


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