Our passion, "Think Local. Drink Local." represents our focus on the regional, small business aspects of the craft beer industry. Engaging our visitors by providing entertaining and relevant content and resources specific to Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin.

As ardent protectors of the small business side of craft beer, our aim is to inform and educate beer lovers to what constitutes a real craft or artisan beer, verses a beer that is a product of one of the major beer giants such as InBev or Miller-Coors. These companies produce what we call posers, or buy up existing craft brands. We also support the preservation of the natural resources needed to craft great beer.

We've created this site to support a community that shares our passion for locally brewed craft beer. NorthlandBeer.com is an online destination and resource for Professional Brewers, Home Brewers, Craft Beer Geeks, and of course Craft Beer Fans.

During our travels we found it a challenge to locate places that serve great locally made craft beer. This is where the idea of NorthlandBeer.com has evolved from. We also realized that we were a part of a community of enthusiasts that aim to promote, grow and celebrate the love we all share for craft beer.


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We've created this site to support a community that shares our passion for locally brewed craft beer.



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NorthlandBeer.com aims to promote and support local craft beer and microbrew related businesses in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Upper Michigan,

while providing craft beer relevant resources, beer map, schedule of events and entertaining articles and information to fellow lovers of craft beer.

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